Eugenia Sherman Brown, Ph.D.
mosaic artist and historian
Following an Appalachian childhood and higher education in Texas and Wisconsin, I enjoyed a career teaching history to college students. In my 40s, I stumbled upon an artist making a mosaic. Standing entranced, I was unaware that I was on the doorstop of a career change. Soon I found my way to the Chicago Mosaic School and later the University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department. With the encouragement of my late husband and our now grown son, I shifted my days to designing mosaics, breaking glass and stone, and adhering tesserae. I live in Madison, Wisconsin. Besides mosaics, I enjoy audiobooks, current events, travel, centering prayer, and my involvement with Christ Presbyterian Church.
Artist’s Statement
Through the breaking and arranging of glass, stone and other materials, I find a metaphor for my life’s journey:
In brokenness… beauty.
Mosaic and Art Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Art Department – Classes in Two-Dimensional Design, Digital Design, and Drawing. (2015, 2016)
Chicago Mosaic School, Chicago, IL, Workshops (2005-present)
Modern Expression in Mosaics, 3D, with Maestro Verdiano Marzi, Sept. 2022.
Small Works: Series and Sets Workshop, with Toyoharu Kii, April 2022.
Modern Expression in Mosaics, with Maestro Verdiano Marzi, 2010, August 2014, March 2015, October 2016, May 2017. Kokomo (Dalle de Verre) May 2019.
Mosaics as an Expressive Art Form, Dugald MacInness, July 2014; July 2015, July 2016; July 2017; July 2018, July 2019, June 2022
Architectural Mosaics, Gary Drostle. Oct. 2018.
Color Theory for Mosaics, with Carolina Zanelli, January 2017.
Picassiette, with Pamela Irving, August 2016, November 2017.
Undulation with Matteo Randi, June 2014; and Sue Giannotti, March 2016.
Clay Tile Making in Mosaics, with Karen Ami. January 2014, September 2015.
Process & Materials, Advanced Mosaic Intensive, with Matteo Randi, August 2015.
Mosaics, with Alessandro Lugari, October 2014.
Design for Mosaics with Sue Giannotti, October 2014.
Smalti Dimensions with Sue Giannotti, November 2013.
Poetry and Music as Mosaic Inspiration with Sue Giannotti, July 2013.
Mosaic Drawing Fundamentals and Hammer & Hardie Intensive with Matteo Randi, August 2013.
Mosaic Workshop with Toyoharu Kii, April 2013.
Inside Out and Developing a Series, extended on-line teaching and tutorials with Sue Giannotti, 2011-2013.
Sculptural Forms, Sherri Warner Hunter; Nov. 2011.
Dalle de Verre with Sophie Drouin, 2011.
Marble and Mexican with Sue Giannotti, 2009 & 2010.
Textures with Matteo Randi, 2010.
Smalti and Smalti B-cut with Sue Giannotti, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Mosaic Rocks with Bill Buckingham and Sophie Drouin, 2008.
Ravenna Mosaics with Matteo Randi, c. 2008.
Abstract Mosaics with Lynne Chinn, c. 2007.
Spontaneous Mosaics with Ilana Shafir, c. 2006.
Roman Mosaics with Enzo Aiello, 2006.
Introduction to Smalti with Karen Ami, 2005.
The Inside Out Group (affiliated with the Chicago Mosaic School). A six-month group course in the development and design of authentic mosaics culminating in a show at the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics, Chicago. Nov. 2011-April 2012.
Creative Arts Center, Dallas, Texas. Mosaics with Sonia King, 2004.
Workshops at the Society of American Mosaic Artists annual meetings taught by Karen Ami, Verdiano Marzi, Ilana Shafir, Carol Shelkin, Gwyn Kaitis, Sue Giannotti, and others.
Other Education, Awards, and Teaching Experience
Ph.D. History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992; M.A., History, SMU, 1986; M.L.A., SMU, 1994; B.A., Baylor, 1979.
Fulbright Scholar, Study Abroad Grant, England. 1989-1990. Fulbright grant extension, 1990. For work with Dr. John Walsh, Oxford University.
University of Wisconsin Extension; continuing education History courses (1994-present; 1-3 courses/year); Professorial work, Departments of History, Edgewood College (2003-2008), Carroll College (1994-2004), Fuller Seminary, Trinity Seminary.
Featured Artist, April 2019. Christians in the Visual Arts
Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA)
Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)
Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei (AIMC)
Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA)
I could not produce mosaics and do the work of an artist without plenty of help. I am deeply grateful for the long-time assistance of David Strait, my carpenter, engineer, figure-it-out expert and friend. And likewise for Barry Sherbeck, my expert-mosaic-photographer, art guide, curator extraordinaire, and friend.
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